• I’m a huge fan of automated formatters in Elixir, Elm, Go, etc. Maybe time to try one with Swift? github.com/inamiy/Sw…

  • Been out of commission with a head cold most of the week. Feeling better now, but still coughing. As a freelancer who is already taking time off for holidays this kills my December billable hours. 😢

  • Master Investor.

  • I think one of my new year resolutions will be better code documentation. As I walked a peer through some code today I felt bad at how large and complex the system has gotten without some true “walking paths”. Xcode’s lack of tools be dammed, this needs to improve.

  • Dentist appointments always dominate my day. Have just a cleaning today, but a larger cavity awaits to be worked on next week. 😢

  • When the Trump administration comes crashing down I hope we get a Seinfeld-like trial that brings back all the characters. It’s the only true way. m.youtube.com/watch

  • That uneasy feeling when you notice Calendar has reassigned all new colors for your various accounts. #iCloudLife

  • Who knew “Iphone” was a registered trademark. Second thing to LOVE about this email is that it’s from Verizon who already knows I own a this exact phone.

  • Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

  • Mac mini comes with 8GB ram, to upgrade to 32GB costs $600 from Apple. A 32GB kit from Crucial (same RAM specs, quality vendor) costs $274.

    The Apple Tax is back, and bigger than ever.

  • If you really want to consume a technical book, I highly recommend reading one or two chapters on the couch and then jumping to a computer to re-read the chapters and hand type all the code demos. Repeat. Yeah it takes longer but the comprehension is so much better.

  • Monday bug hunting. I could swear some rogue code is using the appearance proxy to assign a bold font to normal system font and normal to bold system font. Or I’m going insane. 👨‍💻

  • My trainer name is Zorn. My rival is Farkus. And my Pikachu is named Voltemort. 🎮

  • 😭 🎮

  • Power has been out for 12 hours. Slept as much as I could. Apartment is chilly. Also had to reboot my phone for it to see the internet via LTE?!?

  • First snow. ☃️

  • Ugly Swift Syntax for Checking Errors

    I like guard over if cause it’s more expressive about my intentions […]. Unfortunately, because of the boolean nature of the guard clause, to do this requires using Implicitly Unwrapped Optionals.

  • Is it Friday yet?

    I think I’m going to go with Team Pikachu for my first play-through. 🎮

  • Thanks to my Uncle George, cousins Greg and Matt – and to all our Veterans. 🇺🇸

  • Apple BANS third parties from selling refurb Macbooks on Amazon.



  • Philly CocoaHeads.

  • I’ve had Weird Al’s Another One Rides the Bus in my head for the last two weeks.

    Join me!


  • The Hard Parts of Open Source, Strange Loop 2018



    Great talk. Goes much deeper than open source and covers how we communicate.

    Good brain food while you eat lunch.

  • After upgrading my iPhone last week, had my first instance of trying to use my non-existent headphone jack for a client call today. (I liked using the hardline and not doing a bluetooth dance.)

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